Thalia Holiday Home: Internet Access

When you come to stay in Thalia, there is internet access available for your use. You can connect your internet-enabled devices such as a personal computer or laptop, video game console, smartphone or tablet computer to the internet in two ways: wired or wireless.

For a wired connection, your device will need to have a wired network socket (also known as ethernet or RJ45), and you’ll need an ethernet cable to connect it to the wall socket. If you don’t have a suitable cable, we can lend you one; please ask when you arrive.

For a wireless connection, your device will need to have Wi-Fi capabilities, and be compatible with WPA security. (All modern devices with the “Wi-Fi” logo are WPA compatible; if your device is more than 5 years old, you may want to check whether it is compatible.)

Full details of how to get online are given in the information book in the house.