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Contactless cards:
The cheapest and most convenient way for travelling on London’s public transport
The simplest way to pay for a journey on London’s public transport is now a contactless card unless you purchase a season ticket longer than one week or those starting a one off weekly ticket on any day except Sunday.
By using the same contactless card, you get the daily capped fare and in any Sunday to Saturday period, your total charges will be capped at the weekly season ticket price. For example, if you only travel in zones 1 – 3, then the most you will pay Sunday to Saturday is £36.80, the price of a weekly season ticket.   Therefore, if you constantly use public transport, the lowest cost will be using a contactless card which saves you getting a weekly season ticket you may not use. The contactless card system will always give you the cheapest fare. So, if you use your card outside Zone 3 just once you will pay the same as a zone 1 to 3 with an extension if that is cheaper than the zone 1 – 4 fare.

Transport for London will always give the option of either contactless cards or Oyster cards for maximum convenience.

Round the Clock Weekend Tubes
From September next year*, 24 hour tubes will be running over weekends on the Northern, Jubilee, Victoria, Central and Piccadilly lines. The average journey across London overnight will be reduced by 20 minutes and importantly, there will be no extra costs for passengers. The social benefit is well documented for leisure passengers and workers needing to get around overnight. The economic benefits show £360 million uplift due to the round the clock tube running. Additional Tube lines will be opened in the future.

 Copied from West Barnes Ward eBulletin - January 2015
signed by Cllr Gilli Lewis-Lavender and Cllr Brian Lewis-Lavender
*Trains will run through the night from 12 September 2015, with six running an hour across the five “night tube” lines – Jubilee, Victoria and most of the Piccadilly, Central and Northern lines.

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